For the Love of Swiss Dots

Most of the time I only make clothes for special events so when I’m designing something, I try to make them as versatile as possible. I want to know that I will get a lot of wear out of my result since I put so much hard work into it. I made this dress for my Sweet Sixteen a few years ago. This was actually a really special look because I also made a high waisted skirt which consisted of layers of chiffon that I slipped on top of this while I was being presented. Today, I can mix this dress up and wear it to a special lunch, a tea party, or a fancy event.






Dress / by Victoria Stinson

Shoes / Gucci

Photos taken by Abigail Lewis.


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  1. cringing says:

    I love that fourth picture of you smiling, your smile is so contagious! This outfit is adorable, I LOVE X


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